I Thrive, the book

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Ivonne Meeuwsen

I Thrive, the book

Order ‘I Thrive, Healling Childhood Sexual Abuse. Beyond Trauma’ now!

‘I remember I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to be there. Inside I was screaming for something to happen, something to get me out of there. But I didn’t have any arguments to counter his logic. I had nobody to run to.’ – Ivonne Meeuwsen

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This book is more than just a survivor story. It’s a comprehensive look at all the issues surrounding child sexual abuse and healing from such trauma. It’s a must read for social workers, psychologists, therapists and others in the helping profession. It’s written in plain English so survivors and their families can read it as well. It offers an inside look into the nuts and bolts of sexual abuse and it’s long term effects, all the while focussing on what is needed to heal.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, quite often you are alone in your struggles. This book tells you how to break the chains of silence and offers you hope. The hope that you can heal childhood sexual abuse. You don’t have to carry this burden with you for life. You can take control of your life again. It’s not an easy road to follow, but remember: You’ve allready survived it. The memories that keep you from thriving belong in the past. This book helps you to put them there. So you too can thrive!

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I Thrive! Healing from child sexual abuse

What experts have said about ‘I thrive’

‘This is an important book. It speaks clearly, engagingly, and understandably about the ordinarily unspeakable. The author is highly perceptive, intelligent, kind, and open. She has provided with this book a significant tool to help a very large portion of the English- and Dutch-speaking world, both men and women, girls and boys.’  – Vincent J. Felitti, MD. Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program and expert on Adverse Childhood Experiences.

‘A beautiful combination of practical knowledge, scientific research and personal experience’ – Lou Repetur, Senior advisor, Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse at Movisie.

‘The book paints a clear picture of everything that has to do with childhood sexual abuse. That’s why I am going to use it as the textbook for the Minor ‘Sexual and Domestic Violence’ at Rotterdam College’ – Marianne Quax, professor at Rotterdam College and board member of the Academic Women against Violence.

What do readers say about ‘I Thrive’

‘The book reads like a romance novel and gives great insight into child sexual abuse’ – Kristine

‘I have read just a few chapters so far and I recognize all the theme’s. Unbelievable!!!’ – Jolanda

‘I read your book in one weekend. Stunning book. Thanks.’ – Ria

‘I am a partner of someone who has been sexually abused as a child. I was looking for background information, connections and experiences about this topic; I want to know about things and recognize them, perhaps even understand them. I want to thank you for this book (in which I’ve only just started to read). I feel a lot of respect for you.’ – Joost

‘I was afraid reading your book might be emotionally challenging for me. I started reading and it was like a lot of pieces of the puzzle came together. And I’ve only read 90 pages so far. For me, a lot of things are becoming clear about myself and I am extremely happy about that. The book is easy to understand, so everyone can get it’ – Dylan

‘Finally a book that acknowledges men as victims of incest or childhood sexual abuse. In many books it’s the emotional tale of a victim that demands all the attention, but this book clearly is the exception’ – Tom

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