Have I been sexually abused as a child?

‘Have I been sexually abused?’

More than any other question, people ask me ‘Have I been sexually abused?’ People are desperate for answers. Have you been abused? Well, unless you have memories of the actual abuse, there’s no easy way to tell. Most symptoms are not exclusive to childhood sexual abuse. There are a large number of symptoms and conditions that point to childhood sexual abuse, but there isn’t a bloodtest or urine sample that you can have analyzed. Unless you happen to remember, you may never be sure.

Tell tale signs of childhood sexual abuse

There are tell tale signs, symptoms that point in the direction and they tend to be cumulative. Having one or more symptoms of the Self Test doesn’t mean for sure you have been abused. There could be other causes for each of those symptoms. However, the more statements from the Self Test you check, the more likely it is that you have been sexually abused as a child.

What the test does tell you

The test doesn’t give you the answer to the question ‘Have I been sexually abused as a child?’ It does tell you some of the multitude of symptoms are known to have a possible connection to childhood sexual abuse. Just reading the list can give you more insight into how childhood sexual abuse affects people. It can also give you more clarity on where you stand with this issue. Whether you are at the start of your healing or at the tail end of it, this test will give you an idea about the terrain and how far along you’ve come.

Seeking help after taking the test

If you checked many symptoms, it’s probably a good idea to seek help. Life is too beautiful to be suffering from so many symptoms, regardless of whether childhood sexual abuse is the cause. You deserve better. Part two of my book outlines some of the help that is available and gives you an idea of how these different types of therapy work.

Healing from childhood sexual abuse

How to heal childhood sexual abuse

This blog is all about healing and how to heal. You’ll find information and inspiration on these pages. Sometimes it might be confronting for you to read, so take good care of yourself. Feel free to comment, ask questions and discus the blogs I put on here.

My mission

My mission is to help people heal childhood sexual abuse. One way of doing this is to help break the taboo on talking about sexuality and sexual abuse. People who have been silent, sometimes for decades, are now coming forward to speak about their experiences. My book is a bit like a road map to healing. Or rather it’s a sketch of the terrain. We’re still blazing the trails.


I have written a book on healing. I’m not a proponent of one particular psychotherapeutic intervention. Instead I believe there are many ways to heal and quite often, in the process of healing, you’ll go through different stages. The book is meant to help you understand the long term effects childhood sexual abuse and how this affects you. In addition it lists different therapies and how they work when you have been abused.

Healing is possible. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Here you’ll find answers to the question: How?


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