What happens after I press publish?

The book is published as a kindle!Here I publish one of the photographs included in the book 'I Thrive! Healing from child sexual abuse'

Good news for all you patient people out there who have been waiting for me to finally get publish the book. It’s been a long time coming, due to technical delays as well as busy-work over here in Holland, but it’s finally come to fruition!

I don’t have a seperate picture from the cover yet, so I’ve included one of the beautiful macro-photographs that are the start of each chapter in the book. Agnes van der Graaf is responsible for all the pictures in the book as well as the cover. For a glimpse at her work visit: Fotografieagnes.nl

Download the book after oktober 31!

Now, I wasn’t  quite sure how to work things at Amazon, so I took my time to learn the basics. I set the publish date to oktober 31 so I would have a deadline to work towards as this is something that helps me prioritize. I have chosen this day because in the Netherlands I am publishing my second book on november 1. So in two days I have two booklaunches, which I think is pretty spectacular.

The book should show up if you search Amazon

I haven’t actually tried it yet but in this day and age I would expect it to work instantly after I hit publish. Anyway, it’s very late at night now in the Netherlands, so I’ll leave it at this brief message and come back to you all about it later. I just wanted to share the news. 🙂