I Thrive! Healing from child sexual abuse is for sale now!

I Thrive! Healing from child sexual abuse has been published!

I got word from Amazon a few hours ago that they’ve approved the ePub and it is now online and for sale here: GO TO THE BOOK

Of course at some point in the near future I’ll make a fancy sales page and stuff, with buttons and everything, but for now all I can say is: I’m so happy the book is finally in the virtual bookshelves!

Just in time for black friday

Not that this has been in my consciousness at all. After all, thanksgiving is a typically American holiday, but even in the Netherlands we are aware of it’s existence and this is clearly enough for marketeers to send us ‘black friday’ sales pitches.

My black friday sales pitch

I am very thankful that the book is finally for sale. It’s been nearly a half year in the making, not because the writing or translating was so difficult, but because sometimes things need to ripen and for me, bringing the book to the world market meant I had to dream bigger than I had been.

Big dreams, healing everyone

I know I’m just a small player on the world playground, but I have a big dream. I dream that people are going to know that you can heal from child sexual abuse. That it’s possible to lead a complete and fulfilling life, including everything and anything that you need to make your life a happy one.



Under review

What happens after I hit publish, take 2

I must have been too tired last time I hit publish, because clearly it didn’t work the way I thought it would. Nothing happened after I hit publish. I am not quite sure what caused the failure, but I think I fixed it anyway. Sometimes retracing your steps can pay off.

I am ready!

I am ready for sales to skyrocket, or at least for orders to come in, for people to read the book. I’m more than ready. Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t share my sense of urgency and they show my book als ‘under review’. Oh well, I guess patience is learned slowly.

Meanwhile, here’s a little update on my Dutch adventures. My second book has been published and I’ve had to already order more copies. I’ve started with a conservative order of 200 but by now I have maybe 20 of them left. Again the comments are positive, even glowing. The book recounts the healing experiences of 8 different people with 7 different therapists and it also gives insight into the different types of therapy alternatives.

Also, I thrive! will be translated into Latvian sometime in the near future. Now Latvia is a small country, somewhat like the Netherlands, so I’m not expecting huge sales there, but it’s good to know that people in Latvia will have the opportunity to read about healing from child sexual abuse in their own language soon.