What can I help you with?

Online coaching is a good way to start to heal from child sexual abuse. What I offer is insights and concrete, practical tips on how to deal with the long term effects of child sexual abuse. A place where you can share your story and get some help in rewriting the ending, so you come out a winner. So you too can say ‘I thrive’.

My education

I’m a college level social worker, have since also gotten an education in coaching and to top it off I am an NLP master. My specialty is child sexual abuse. As a child I was abused from age 12 to 19 by a so called friend of the family. My experiences as a child as well as all the therapies I’ve done and studied, have prepared me well for what I see as my main goal in life: Inspiring others to heal from child sexual abuse.

How do I work?

I use Skype as the medium for the online chat. We set up an appointment. The first online meeting is ‘getting to know each other’. After that we meet onlineĀ in whatever frequency is right for you.


An hour’s coaching is 65 euro (about 75 dollars, depending upon the going rate). The first appointment is 65 euro regardless of how long we talk, usually about 2 hours.

If you want more information or want to book an appointment, please send me an e-mail through the contact page.

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