Home is where the sexual abuse is

Sexual abuse in the media

2012-02-04 10.09.07We’ve all heard the news about sexual abuse on tv and radio. Sexual abuse in churches and in schools. We’d almost forget that most sexual abuse happens at home

American Research

American research shows that 18% of convicted child sexual abusers are “the strangers who offered candy.” Almost 30% are trusted adults: teachers, priests, (swimming) coaches or neighbors. The rest are family.

Home “sweet” home

The majority of sexual abuse takes place in the “safety” of home….Daddy, mommy, brother, sister, uncle, auntie, and yes..nana or pop-pop… That’s why it’s so very hard to catch the perpetrator. A child won’t easily talk about what’s going on, let alone when it tears the whole family apart. Even 10, 20, 30 years later they might find it hard to talk about it.

False sense of security

It’s great many offenders get caught nowadays. Churches and schools are on constant scrutiny.
It might give us a false sense of security, though.
Let’s not forget to keep looking out for signs in our immediate environment: our own homes.


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