Ivonne Meeuwsen

Coach Ivonne Meeuwsen

ivonne bij hekHello, I’m Ivonne Meeuwsen. I have been coaching people since 2004. I’ve coached people from all over the world; from Latvia to Northern Ireland, Europe and Canada and many people in the USA as well. My specialty is coaching people who have been sexually abused as children and, increasingly, their partners as well.

Victim, survivor, thriver

A child, while the abuse is happening, is a victim. I purposely don’t call adults victims, as I feel this keeps you stuck in a role that invites victimization. The adults I work with are dealing with the aftermath, the scars, the behavior patterns, the triggers and devastation that child sexual abuse leaves behind. I coach them heal from the abuse so they can live a happy, healthy life. I help them go from ‘survivor’ to ‘thriver’.

My book as a first step towards healing

In my book I tell my own history, as well as my experiences in healing and coaching others to heal from child sexual abuse. It offers a comprehensive look at the long term effects of sexual abuse and how to overcome them. As such it’s proved to be a great resource for therapists and cliënts alike.

‘I Thrive’ offers insight and advise on how to heal from childhood sexual abuse. An eyeopener to some, recognition to many, and hope of a better future to all. It is a good source of information for coaches, social workers, partners and friends of people who have been sexually abused as a child.

My Qualities as an online coach

These are the guiding principles of my coaching:

  • I don’t judge people
  • The cliënt is the expert of the trauma
  • The cliënt also holds the solution

My job as a coach is to help people find their own way out. I think of myself as a trail guide: I know the terrain, I can see what’s ahead and I can help you prepare for your journey. I’ll be there with you in the trenches. I’ll encourage you to become more aware of and to move through your innermost fears and to overcome them. Because then life can become again what it is meant to be: a wonderful adventure.

If you’re reading this as an adult survivor of child sexual abuse; Congratulations! You’ve already survived the worst. You made it through! You survived because you did what was necessary for you to survive. That’s the good news. More good news is that although healing is hard it is doable. It takes courage and perhaps some help from a therapist or coach to face your biggest fears. But it can be done!

  • Now it’s time to heal
  • To push yourself through the mud and come to full bloom
  • It’s time for you to Thrive!

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poppy, macro photograph by Agnes van der Graaf, illustrator