Photographs by Agnes van der Graaf

The photography

winter 01-20After I finished the books text, it lurked in my computer for a couple of years. I had some getting ready to publish to do, but also: it was incomplete. I didn’t know what it was missing untill I saw the photographs of Agnes van der Graaf. The photo’s she makes connect with the soul of what I am trying to communicate.

Essential photography

Agnes is what I would call an essence photographer, or perhaps even better: artist. She has the capacity to see that which is hidden and like magic, bring it to light with her photography. So much of the beauty of life is hidden when you have been sexually abused. The photographs show that there’s beauty in the smallest things.

A resting point for the soul

One reader called the photo’s in the book poetically: ‘A resting point for the soul’. It’s not always easy to read about child sexual abuse. It goes to the very heart of your pain, even if you haven’t been abused yourself. We like to believe that children are sacred and are kept safe. The photographs are included to help soothe that pain, without denying the truth about child sexual abuse.

Agnes van der Graaf

If you would like to see some more of those wonderful photo’s that Agnes makes, please visit her website at Be advised that the site is in Dutch, but don’t worry, her photography speaks a language of it’s own.

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